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What is URL Encoding?

URL encoding is a method to represent special characters in a URL by replacing them with encoded counterparts. This ensures that the URL remains valid and does not interfere with the structure of the web address.

How to Use this Tool
  1. Encode Data (Left Side): Enter your text in the left text box to encode it for a URL.
  2. Decode Data (Right Side): Enter your URL-encoded text in the right text box to decode it.
  3. Get Result: The result will be displayed on the opposite side, ready for you to copy and use.
  1. Encoding: If you have a text like "Hello, World!", encoding it will produce "Hello%2C%20World%21".
  2. Decoding: If you have a URL-encoded text like "Hello%2C%20World%21", decoding it will produce "Hello, World!".
Important Note:

This tool is designed for general use. While it's handy for understanding URL encoding, exercise caution with sensitive data.

Explore the world of URL manipulation with our tool! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

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